Chinese medicine and sport

The sports world has been embracing the use of Chinese medicine and acupuncture in helping in the treatment of injuries and improving performance for many years.  In more recent times a growing number of athletes have been using this therapy as part of their treatment, recovery and training regime. It has become more widely accepted with sports teams employing acupuncturists as part of their medical team to help treat sports injuries, decrease healing time and resolve lingering complaints. Even the AIS in Canberra acknowledge the benefits of Chinese medicine by having an acupuncturist on staff.

Australian rugby league players Luke Ricketson and Bryan Fletcher are known to have used acupuncture on their injuries.  Bryan Fletcher had a torn hamstring and through the treatment of acupuncture, returned to the paddock a month earlier than the doctors expected.

3 Ways we can help at Hillside Holistic Health

There are three main areas of sport in which acupuncture and Chinese medicine can offer great benefit to the “weekend warrior” or the competitive athlete:

  • Treatment of sports injuries
  • Prevention of sports injuries
  • Athletic performance enhancement

Treatment of Sports Injuries
Injuries are a natural part of sporting life.  Athletes push their bodies to extremes often resulting in musculoskeletal injuries.  Treatment with acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help sports injuries by reducing swelling and bruising, increasing the range of movement in joints, and increasing blood flow to the area.  This all speeds up the healing process and often athletes are able to return to active training and competition sooner than would otherwise be possible with conventional therapy.

Prevention of Sports Injuries
The incidence of sports injuries can be effectively reduced by combining a regular treatment program with sound nutrition, herbal support, and a sensible approach to preparation and training. Regular treatments help keep the body in balance, even as an athlete’s intense training and competition stresses the body further.  By keeping the body strong and balanced it becomes less susceptible to injury and allows for quicker recovery from competition and injuries.

Athletic Performance Enhancement
We can enhance performance safely and naturally by using Chinese medicine to increase energy levels and stamina. Chinese medicine approaches health in a holistic way, looking at the emotional, physiological and environmental factors that influence our health.  Using acupuncture alongside a training regime with nutrition, stretching, proper warm up and warm down, meditation and relaxation an athlete can be assured that they have done everything possible to maximize their performance and minimize their recovery time.

How does it work?
Chinese medicine and acupuncture can be used in the treatment of sporting injuries as they are known to reduce pain, increase range of motion and strengthen weakened parts of the body.
Acupuncture can:

  • Decrease inflammation
  • Reduce swelling
  • Relax muscles and relieve spasms
  • Decrease bruising
  • Lower the body’s pain response
  • Improve local blood circulation to increase delivery of nutrients and removal of noxious elements
  • Increase the function of the immune system