When a woman is pregnant her body undergoes a lot of changes due to the change in hormone levels, often resulting in some undesirable side effects.  Chinese medicine can help in relieving the severity of these symptoms, whether it be aches and pains or sickness and reflux, to try to get you feeling like your glowing self and enjoy this special time in your life.  Below are some examples of conditions which we commonly treat during pregnancy.

Morning Sickness
Morning sickness is something which some women are fortunate enough to avoid while others only suffer from it during their first trimester and some unfortunate women suffer from their entire pregnancy.  Through the use of gentle acupuncture specific acupoints are selected which help to calm the stomach and relieve nausea.

Breech Presentation
It is quite common to find your baby in the wrong, or breech, position.  Through the use of moxibustion, a Chinese herb which is burnt to warm a specific acupoint on the little toe, we work to gently turn the baby so that it is in the cephalic, or head down, position.  This is best achieved between 34 and 37 weeks as the baby still has plenty of room to move.

Pre-birth/labour Preparation
Regular acupuncture in the last couple of months of pregnancy has been proved to help improve birthing outcomes.  Research has shown that labour times can be reduced, less medical intervention is required and birth outcomes are better.

Women are frequently going over their due date and are often faced with the impending threat of a medical induction.  Acupuncture can work to safely bring on contractions and hardening of the uterus which effectively leads to an induction of labour.

Post-Natal Care
Chinese medicine is also effective in the treatment of post-natal conditions such as insufficient lactation, mastitis and post-natal depression.